A Better Referendum

If you think the EU referendum debate so far has been focused far too much on personalities and party spats and not enough on the real issues that affect you and the country, you’re not on your own.

It doesn’t have to be like this – we can have a vibrant and enjoyable EU referendum debate, looking at the real issues, from crime and defence to the economy and immigration.

What is ‘Better Referendum’?

Better Referendum is a free online tool that gives you and your friends, family, colleagues or community group a platform to talk about the issues surrounding the EU referendum. If you want to get clued up ahead of the June 23rd vote, why not get together with the people around you, hear about the facts surrounding the referendum and have a lively, informed debate?

You'll hear all the arguments from both sides, from experts and from the campaigns, and you'll discuss them in groups using our toolkit. You pick the issues you want to discuss, and how long you want to spend learning and talking about the referendum.

We want to build a better, more informed EU referendum debate – away from personality politics and party spats. We can cut through the spin and have a grassroots referendum debate that we deserve.

Let’s have a Better Referendum.


A Better Referendum is a joint project between the Electoral Reform Society, University of Westminster, University of Sheffield and University of Southampton.